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Matsui Jurina’s Google+ Updates 20/04/2014


4/20 10:36

Good morning!!

In yesterday’s joint handshake event、

We received mentaiko from HKT♡♡

From SKE is, chicken wings ♡♡


NakoMiku are too cute ♪♪



4/20 10:37

Please take care of me today as well!!

4/20 20:45

Today handshake event was fun♡♡

My ordinary clothes ♪♪

Today is kacchiri me\(^^)/*kind of fashion style Jurina wear *


Source : Matsui Jurina’s Google+
Translated by : Matsuru of Juurina
Shared by : Juurina

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A farewell song for Chori (And Tani) performed live during the last day of Team H’s Hakata Legend. It’s a sweet song that I feel needs to be shared. Enjoy. :)

Special thanks to KudoShinichi and Mayuyu from AIDOL for their help and advice for this song.

Brought to you by [Half-assed Subs], I do karaoke now.

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Shinoda Mariko (maricollet3) IG 04.20.2014:

1st pic: "Miichan’s hair got longer 😂 #NyanMii”

2nd pic: "The poster’s high quality 😳💕 #KojiYuu”

3rd pic: "YuuMina 🍼 #Chibizu”

4th pic: "This year too matching (clothes) 👸💕👗 #InChargeOfTheCostumes”

5th pic: "Spoiled Sou-chan 😂 #Soukantoku” 

6th pic:😎Sayakaa😎🙏#hbd”

7th pic: "Princess👸💕#HBD”

8th pic: HARUNA🎀👸 #hbd”

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